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HowD’Ya Do to Three That Are New!

Don’t you love when dishes just volunteer themselves to be made?  When you have a line-up of ingredients awaiting their destiny, and the recipes just look at you and say “duh…”  That’s the reason I tried three new recipes last night.  Also lovely was how smoothly the assembly went, thanks to my brother who acted as sous chef for me 🙂  He is an enthusiastic chopper of all things choppable.  And an expert dressing-maker.

New Recipe #1: An Asian-Inspired Veggie Salad from Versatile Kitchen

Except we added avocado, too.  Never a mistake.

Great contrasts of texture, and very nice flavors in the dressing.  We were thinking a  hint of wasabi would be a good addition- it would add another dimension, as I like to say 🙂

New Recipe #2: Zucchini Fritters from Nigella Lawson’s Forever Summer

Fritters, frittering.

I used zucchini from our garden, but of course made the good ol’ mistake of not taking stock inventory before shopping, and we only had half the weight the recipe asked for.  So I took a vote, and everyone seemed to think carrot would be an acceptable substitute for the second half.  Which it was.

Finished Fritters

I usually prefer to prepare garden vegetables in more simple recipe where their flavor can shine, but I’m glad our garden zucchini enabled us to make these.   My mom made a yogurt/sour cream/garlic/mint dipping sauce, and it was fab.

New Recipe #3: Aromatic Herb Salad from Cooking Me Softly

I don’t have a picture of this one.. but it looked much like the picture on her blog.  We only used the juice of one lime (whereas the recipe calls for two), but it was plenty limey!  It was (unintentionally) a very nice dish to connect the Asian-inspired vegetables with the Greek-y (due to the mint and feta) fritters.

We probably set a record for amount of herbs used in one meal.  Absolutely everything (salad, rice, fritters, yogurt sauce) contained herbs, and most things had more than one kind.  Antioxidants (not to mention flavor) everywhere!


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