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Soggy Start

So, as any of you who live basically anywhere on the East coast know… it’s raining.  All the time.  Not just rain, but the occasional difficult-to-predict thunder storm, and even tornadoes in Southern Maryland (my least favorite of all phenomena…I hope all in So.MD are doing okay!).  So far it has been working out okay for me training-wise.

So far this week:

Julia and I snuck in a long run on Sunday before the flood gates opened.  We did an hour and fifteen minutes on trails to prepare for our Women’s Trail Half Marathon this upcoming Saturday.  (We signed up a while ago but only made the waiting list.. then found out we both got in two weeks before the race!  Good thing we are both close to prepared… we’re going to take it easy and make it a fun run rather than a race).  I felt pretty good, a little tired on the hills.  I did eat two of those gummy honey things half way through and they helped a lot.  Glucose!

Monday I did an easy 3 miles in the morning.  I can’t remember the last time I did a 3-mile run… 4 is the lowest I go these days (and recently the highest too… but oh boy is that about to change! :)).  It was the perfect distance to work out the kinks from yesterday’s long run, though.

Tuesday it poured and I worked in the morning, then went to Whole Foods with Katie in the afternoon.  Rest day!

Today I went out around 3:50, hoping to miss the rain that was supposed to come at 4:15 or 4:30.  I had my sights set on a no-brainer 5-mile loop that I do when I just want to run 5 miles without thinking about it.  About 10 minutes in it started to rain pretty hard and I turned into tree cover early to modify my route to a 4-mile loop in the same area.  I knew I could extend it if it stopped raining.  Which it did!  And I ended up extending the route twice because I was feeling so good 🙂  I measured the resulting run on gmap-pedometer (my favorite site for super simple route measuring) and it was just over 6!  I love when you end up running longer than you intended.  So I guess the rain was good for something today… though it certainly kept potential bread-buyers away at work this morning.

I’m pretty excited that I felt good on my run today.  Most of my runs have been dragging since I got back from the mountains.  Hopefully what that means is that all the hiking I did wore me out, and now I have recovered, stronger than before!  At the very least I hope I got some hill-climbing muscle out of that.  Useful for trail runs 🙂

The plan for the rest of the week is:

Thursday: 3 to 4 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Race!

Let’s hope the weather cooperates!


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