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Another leftover makeover. That seems to be my thing these day.

My favorite thing about rice is actually the smell. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste great with cheddar and broccoli in a frittata/casserole hybrid creation.

This was super easy to make and tasted even better than I anticipated.


First I steamed some broccoli, which, at about 5 minutes, was probably the most time-consuming step. Next I heated some chopped garlic in olive oil until just starting to brown, then added the rice, some salt, and pepper, and cooked to combine the flavors. I added the broccoli, sautéed for just a minute more, then removed the pan from the heat.


4 eggs. You can do more or less, depending on how much rice you have, how many people your are feeding, or how much you like eggs. I whisked them with a splash of milk.

I grated some cheddar (You can use whatever cheese is most pleasing to you in the moment. Or whatever is in your fridge.), then I mixed the cheddar with the rice and broccoli, which had cooled a little.


I stirred in the eggs, then dumped it all in my freshly-greased skillet and cooked it on medium heat for about 5 minutes. I also added some goat cheese on top because I like melty goat cheese.


After it had cooked enough that I could see the eggs were solid almost to the top, I put the pan under the broiler for about 3 minutes to cook/brown the top. This will only work if you are using cast iron, or some other pan that can go in the oven. If this does not apply to you, you can cook it all the way through by covering the pan with a lid as soon as you add the egg/rice mixture. It’s done when the eggs are solid all the way through to the top! It will smell like delicious browning cheese.


I forgot to take a picture until after we started eating it… But all that matters is I remembered before we finished!



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Bran Food

I haven’t talked to you all about oat bran yet.

Sounds exciting, right?

Let me try to sway you…

It’s creamy, cooks in 3 minutes if you start with hot water, and has more protein and fiber than oatmeal.

Okay, well that’s exciting to me.

I’ve been eating the Trader Joe’s oat bran:


Like I said, if you boil water (or heat milk in a pan), it will be ready in minutes. Just stir in the oat bran (~a 3:1 liquid to oat bran ratio) and let it cook until it thickens to a consistency that pleases you.
Like cream of wheat, but much more nutritious.
Then top it!


That’s ground flax, chopped banana, yogurt, peanut butter, coconut, and fig butter (another Trader Joe’s delight).

See, I told you…. Exciting!

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