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Show and Tell

I just had to check in quickly and share what I just ate.



is a terrible picture of a wonderful sandwich.

It’s a grilled avocado-Neufchâtel-blue cheese on oat bran bread. Even better than I expected. Melty tangy smoothness.

Enjoyed after a sunny 8 mile run on the Greenway trail. My legs were tired but it didn’t diminish the enjoyability in the slightest 🙂


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Pizza Take Two

The crust wasn’t such a smashing success this time.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as crispy delicious as last time.  I think it’s because I used all white whole wheat flour (still made from the whole wheat berry, but it’s a different variety that is much lighter) instead of the half white whole wheat, half all-purpose I used last time.  So the results of this cooking experiment are: pizza crust is better with some white flour in the mix.  It also didn’t rise very well… though that could have been because it was kind of chilly in the kitchen.  After an hour and a half I got impatient and started rolling it anyway; it definitely wasn’t as workable as last time.  Oh well, live cook and learn.

Other than that it was pretttty good.

Pizza #1: Roasted Red Peppers, Red Onion, Sauteed Spinach, Artichoke Hearts, Black Olives, Feta, Mozzarella


Ready (well, minus cheese)...


Pizza #2: Caramelized Onions, Blue Cheese (Gorgonzola Dolce and Blue Brie), Pear, and Mozzarella

Toppings (sans onion)



The only change I would have made was a little less olive on pizza #1.  The saltiness of the olives + the feta was a little over-powering.


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In It For The Long Run

Today will be a literal long run, followed by a celebration of two friends who are beginning the proverbial long run.  15 miles, then Katie and Scott’s wedding!  It’s a beautiful day, and it will not go to waste 🙂

I ran 16 miles last weekend, and felt pretty good.  The last 4 were kind of tough- possibly due to the wind I was running into, and maybe my lack of fuel.  I only took one granola bar along for the ride, but I don’t think that was enough to compensate for my efforts.  I’ll probably take two this time.

Speaking of fuel, here’s another omelette for you.  Eggs and salad are my go-to lunch when I’m home.  Yumyum.

This one featured gorgonzola dolce, roasted red peppers, olives, sauteed onions, and arugula.  It was very delicious.  And in case you’re curious, the background is a little salad and some baked sweet potato & apple.


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When Life Gives You Cheese

Make Pizza!

(A a good decision, given that the other option would be Cheese-Ade)


We have so much cheese!  Cheddar, goat, cambozola, mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, gouda, parmesan, cottage, cream, and more!  I had the day off yesterday, so I was able to put some of that cheese to work.

Here’s the dough, in need of kneading…

The recipe is from my beautiful “Anna’s Favorite Recipes” binder that my wonderful friends gave me for my birthday this year. They contributed recipes to it, and I have added recipes from magazines and my experiences.  It’s the best.

I feel Katie may have had something to do with the fact that it matches our kitchen (even if only subconsciously)...


You are now entering the pizza section.

This recipes is from Mer.  It’s the best crust recipe I have yet to encounter.  And, of course, it is impeccably presented.  If you are interested in the recipe but can’t read it from the picture, leave a comment and I’d be happy to type it out for you!

Pizza #1 is pan-browned zucchini and sauteed red peppers with fresh and not-fresh (what do you call it? Is it aged?) mozzarella.

Toppings, ready for topping.



Pizza #2 is cambozola (if you like blue cheese but have never tried this one, go buy some- you will absolutely not regret it), caramelized onions, walnuts, and mozzarella.

Before (Pizza #2 doesn't photograph as well)...

Pale in color, but not in flavor!


They were both so good in their individual ways.  On pizza #1, the sauce was garlicky from a huge clove of home-grown garlic, and I simmered the sauce for a long time, so it had that concentrated tomatoey sweetness.  Cooking the vegetables beforehand gave them a more intense flavor; in my opinion they suit a pizza better that way than when they only cook for the 8 or so minutes the pizza is in the oven.  Pizza #2 had that super-savory, uninterrupted cheesiness of a white pizza, especially since the cheese was a blue, and with the addition of the onions and toasty walnuts.  Mmm now I wish there was more of it.

Our cheese drawer is not empty, to say the least, but the assortment is now more manageable.  If anyone has any brilliant ideas for using cheese, don’t hold back!



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