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My apologies for the unfortunate title. And for being a slacker blogger again…

Here’s a really quick lunch I made yesterday.

Squash some squash on half a tortilla.  (Okay, I guess it’s only quick if you have some squash already cooked…)

Sprinkle on some feta.

Then add some sauteed spinach and onion.  (Oh.  First saute some spinach and onions.)

Fold and heat in a skillet until squash is warmed and feta is melty-ish (feta doesn’t really melt..).

I could not get a good photo of this.  I decided to stop trying and eat, so here’s a terrible photo.  I promise the quality of the picture does not reflect the quality of the flavor.

Flying quesadilla?

No, just the worst of the pictures…



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