Egg Drop

Things are a little crunchy time-wise around here, but I wanted to drop by with a quick update.  After 6 weeks on the elimination diet, we have added eggs.


[First egg in 6 weeks!  For breakfast, with millet and turnip greens.]

Interestingly (and surprisingly, to me), I saw a difference in my skin.  The biggest change I’ve noticed during the elimination phase is that my skin got much clearer.  So, it was easy to detect that the day after I ate my first egg, I started to break out a little.  It’s definitely not a bad reaction, as far as food reactions go, but I decided to back off on eggs for a while so that I have a clean ‘palate’ to notice differences from other foods.  It’s less, “Oh no, I have a pimple because I ate an egg” and more that I’m curious if anything else will have a similar effect.

In the future, I will definitely be eating eggs.  It’s not a bad trade-off..


[Sweet potato with a fried egg, garlicky cauliflower puree, avocado/cilantro sauce, and hemp seeds]

But how my body reacts to the foods that I eat feels like a cool knowledge to have.


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