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Soup or Curry

Or….Super curry!! šŸ™‚

I’m not often at home in the evening these days, so I hardly ever participate in the creation of dinner. The past couple times that I have taken the lead, I’ve made soup. When I lived in cold Owego last year and was cooking for myself only, I made soup all the time. It’s very economical because it stretches your vegetables, and it’s really easy to make it healthy, delicious, and satisfying all at one.



The soup I made last night could also easily be served as a curry over rice (or quinoa or whatever grain you please). If intended to be such, I would add a little more spice. The recipe calls for a small green chile (I used a jalapeƱo), but it’s sautĆ©ed at the beginning with the onion etc, and I think that mellows out its flavor quite a bit. If you wanted it to be spicier you could probably add the jalapeƱo closer to the end of the simmering.


Served as a soup, this was definitely yummy. I love cauliflower and coconut, both which are featured in this recipe. The only change we made was I forgot the garam masala (which I’m sure could totally change the flavor of the dish… It could only make it better, though!) and we added peas.

For the recipe, click.

That looks so much less appetizing than it was… My camera is currently off being diagnosed, so hopefully real pictures will return soon!

So, how about this weather lately?? Today was about 65 degrees. I consider myself someone who likes winter weather, but I could totally get used to this (well, if I could ignore the fact that it reminds me our climate is having issues….that part kind of puts a damper on everything). I ran in shorts and a t-shirt at 2 pm yesterday and was hot. Today’s run was at 4:30, and it was balmy and perfect and my legs felt great, too. So enjoyable. But I also love seasons, and wouldn’t mind at least a small dose of winter… What do you say, Punxsutawney Phil?


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