Home Stretch

In this elimination diet blogging spurt, I seem to be neglecting the ‘run’ in favor of the ‘yum’.  Thinking about this issue while running (like one does) and considering that we are situated at the end of the first four weeks of the session, with two remaining, I conjured up a cute little metaphor.  In high school, my cross country coach taught us to divide the race up into thirds (we ran a 5K, which is 3.1 miles) for mental strategy.  In the first mile, you’re fresh, excited, energized – your legs and brain feel good and it flies by.  The second mile is the hardest, mentally.  You feel that first mile in your legs but still have the majority of the race left; the competition has spread out, and you know that if you don’t keep up the pace you could lose your position; you start having to tap into your determination stores.  And then there’s the final mile: the finish is tangible, you know what part you can play to position your team favorably, and adrenaline and competition usually do the job to propel you through.

So, here we are, two thirds through, with one ‘mile’ left.  The first two weeks were new and exciting, the second two weeks required some willpower and motivational self-talk, but now the finish line is in sight; the day that we start changing things up is two weeks away.  I can almost taste the fried egg.

In the two weeks remaining I know there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy eating.  I still enjoy every meal, actually!  We’ve tried some new recipes and played around with the ingredients we can eat, and I think we’ve really gotten the hang of eating a varied and fun diet with limited ingredient options.  On a few occasions we have made Ashley (from Edible Perspective)’s vegan pan breads, which are great when you are having a meal where you could really use a tortilla.  It’s kind of like a crepe-pancake hybrid.  The most recent versions we made used chickpea flour and buckwheat flour, but according to Ashley you can make them out of pretty much any flour.  A great recipe to have around, even when not on a restricted diet.

IMG_2980[Chickpea/buckwheat pan bread with spinach, black beans, and avocado]

Actually, Edible Perspective has been a great resource – her recipes are gluten free, many are vegan (or easily veganized), and a few only have to be tweaked a little to be elimination diet-friendly.  I used to make her buckwheat breakfast bakes years ago, and dug up the recipe again: replace the banana with canned pumpkin and it’s good to go!  (Though I’ve also been adding a teaspoon of  both honey and coconut oil.)  We’ve been making a double or triple batch as muffins and keeping them around for breakfasts and snacks.


[Blueberry buckwheat bake with almond butter, raspberries, and homemade almond milk, disappearing into the sunlight :)]

Oh, and as far as real life running goes: so far this semester, I’ve been fitting in about three runs/week, which is two runs/week more than this time last year.  Thumbs up to that.  Once the single-digit wind chill backs off a little I’m hoping for at least four days a week, but that may coincide with the time when writing my thesis chains me to my desk, so I’m just going to shoot for maintenance this semester.  I’m also really trying for at least one yoga session per week, and so far that has been working out great.



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3 responses to “Home Stretch

  1. amy

    Anna! I’m glad you’re blogging again – I haven’t updated mine in a while but have been instagramming every bite 🙂 https://instagram.com/amyyumao/ I just started getting into overnight oats and chia pudding!!!

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