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Life has been full.

School is busy, but I’m loving the class. I’m still having fun waiting tables. I’ve been running a little more this week, after a total of only 9 miles for the entirety of last week (it was probably my busiest week yet). I’m tired but happy.


O’s game! (they lost :()

But I won because the weather and company were great and I ate grilled corn 🙂


It’s called a waterfall braid… Looks cool when it’s down, too!

and Eats!

Quesadillas are easy, quick, and can be really healthy. Oh yeah and they taste good.

I have here two variations I made this week:

Sweet potato, goat cheese, bellavitano (nutty, a little sharp, delicious) and chard…


(chard not pictured…you’ll just have to take my word for it)

Spinach, goat cheese, and a fried egg…



Both are so good! Last year I made my own tortillas– that would definitely take these up another notch.

May your life and your quesadillas be full of good things!!



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Three Things Wednesday

Like I’ve said, 3 is a good number for Wednesday. And on this Wednesday, I have 3 quick things to share!

1- Muffins!


My friend Chris and I were going to go running, but it was pouring rain, so we made these muffins instead. My brother and dad made beer a while ago and saved the grain they had extracted the malt from ( the spent grain) for me to experiment with. I toasted it in the oven, then added it to this recipe for carrot muffins. I added a whole cup in place of the 1/4 cup oats– I figured the spent grain would not absorb much moisture given that it is mostly fiber at this point in its life. I also subbed coconut oil for half of the olive oil, and added almonds and chopped fresh pineapple.

They are good! If I made them again I would probably reduce the amount of sugar to half a cup– the bananas adds plenty of sweetness. They work perfectly for breakfast crumbled on top of a bowl of yogurt and fruit.


2- Banana splits for breakfast

Just halve a banana, add (Greek) yogurt, and any other toppings you desire. Like honey and peanut butter:

(Obviously, I’m getting lazy and just taking pictures with my phone… Sorry!)

3- Another fast-prep but noteworthy lunch


Goat cheese, avocado and roasted red pepper quesadilla (including some chopped mint and cilantro we had in the fridge), served with salad and a basil lime sauce (made by mixing pesto and a squeeze of lime juice into Greek yogurt). This quesadilla was definitely a winner.


Okay, now I have to go attend to some calls to figure out grad school class/financial stuff… Wish me luck!

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