Miss This

We are starting week four, half way through the total elimination phase (sounds so sci-fi), and it’s as good a time as any to start talking about foods I miss.  Mer and I made our list of the order in which we will add back foods, and I can’t remember much of it off the top of my head, but I know it starts like this:

1. Eggs (we have chickens that make them for us!)

2. Cocoa

3. Wine

4. Lemon/lime

It turns out wine and chocolate in fact actually are the loves of our lives.

This diet has been an interesting study in what tastes I really like to have in my life; perhaps the answer to “if you had to live on a desert island and could only bring three foods…”  In the first couple weeks I was missing more general taste sensations, like the brightening effect of citrus in a dish, and umami when I was hungry.  Now I’m honing in on specific foods, and they are turning out to be unoriginal and unsurprising.

Peanut butter is a big one.  How is it that the other nut butters have nothing on peanut?  (This is coming from someone who is a universal nut butter lover.)  It’s got that special something, and I’ll never wonder again if I only like it because I don’t branch out enough and give the other nuts a chance.  Almond butter is great, but my loyalty hasn’t strayed.

IMG_2890[Rice cake with almond butter and stewed blueberries and raspberries.  No, it’s not pb, but okay it’s still delicious/]

Additionally, the past few weeks have confirmed that chocolate is obviously not just a phase I’m going through, but a power in my life that cannot be matched by any other sweet thing.  I haven’t really been experiencing sweet cravings because we can eat plenty of things that are (super) sweet (dates, honey, raisins).  It’s 100% the chocolate itself that I’m missing: dark, bitter, smooth, and sweet, all in one meltable package.  There is no substitute.  One day we will be reunited and it will be glorious.

Speaking of dark: Every time Guy makes his little stovetop espresso and the smell fills the air, I remind myself that one day that smell can again be mine.  I’m feeling really good off caffeine (except for the intermittent cup of green tea), but I miss the intensity of coffee.

Rounding out the list of flavors I’m anticipating is lemon, which I did not expect.  But from here on out I will never doubt the power of lemon to give a dish that extra dimension; highlighting the savory flavors as it subtly contrasts them.  We can have rice wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar, which can be used for tang-factor, but you have to be very careful with them.  If you accidentally add too much lemon, your dish is now lemon flavored; if you accidentally add too much apple cider vinegar, your dish may now be inedible.

It makes me wonder.  What if I’d never tasted these foods??  What would my tastebuds be craving without chocolate and peanut butter to reminisce upon?  What is out there that I’ve never tasted that I could potentially miss in the future if I did taste it and then stopped eating it for a while, like the weirdo self-taste-denier I apparently am?  There are so many things.

But somehow I don’t think they’ll ever match up to chocolate and peanut butter.

There are things I thought I would miss but don’t really, like yogurt, cheese, bread, and black tea.  Not that I won’t eat those things again one day and enjoy them.  I just don’t think about them wistfully everyday.  If anything, this restricted eating has taught me where my true loyalties lie.

In the meantime, I’m still enjoying what I can eat. (And what would I do if the tables were turned and I was without these foods? That’s a whole other question.)


[Colorful breakfast: chard, millet, leftover roasted chickpeas and carrots, avocado cubes, and pumpkin seeds.]

 IMG_2963[Smoked salmon and avocado on a thin rice cake.]

IMG_2969[I really wanted some popcorn, but no corn allowed, so I sautéed puffed rice in a pan with some ghee and salt and it was delicious.  {Hippie-fied with some sprouted lentils, which are actually awesome cooked like this}] 

And thank goodness I don’t live on a desert island, so no one can make me choose.



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