I don’t know if I have ever fully opened up to you all about my love for nut butter. Let me share my heart with you a little today.

I have a friend wo has been known to challenge people to a game called “I love peanut butter more than you love peanut butter”, which usually ends in him telling his opponent that if there was a puppy in the road and a jar of peanut butter next to it, and a car was hurtling towards the pair at top speed, he would save the jar of peanut butter before the puppy (he has even been know to push the hypothetical puppy into the path of the hypothetical car on his way to the hypothetical peanut butter jar in order to win the game).

I’m not going to challenge you all to any hypothetical duals. I do, however, happen to have a bit of hard evidence.

(not pictured: my jar of tahini)

When you get to 6 (uh..7) jars, you start wondering if you have a problem. Actually, at this point in time I’m down to 4; I polished off the scrapings of both the chocolate almond butter and the crunchy pb in the form of overnight oats (one of the best breakfasts there is).

But.. I also have a stash squirreled away…

I’ll leave the diagnosis up to you, while I focus on the nut butter.

It’s the component of most of the breakfasts I eat that I believe really makes the meal stick with me. The healthy fats and protein are a satisfying combo, and then on top of that you get the vitamin E, iron, calcium, and antioxidants that occur in nuts and seeds in various quantities. I think the fact that the nuts are ground until their oils release means that the nutrients are brought out from their cells, ready for absorption. And your tongue can tell! Isn’t a spoonful of peanut butter more satisfying than a handful of peanuts? (or is that just me?)

Oatmeal with figs, peanut butter, and maple syrup.

And the enrichment of your life via nut butters isn’t limited to breakfast. Last night I made a saute of sweet potatoes, turnips, red pepper, and onion in a easy sauce made from a mixture of tahini, peanut butter, honey, rice vinegar, and soy sauce. Just mix approximately equal amounts of those ingredients together, adjust until you like how it tastes, and thin it with water to add to your saute towards the end of cooking. You can also do salad dressings from similar mixtures.

Nut butter is an easy ingredient to play around with, and the results will seldom be unsatisfactory. Worth keeping a jar or two (or six…) in your pantry for some easily-accesible energy and flavor.

I’m always open to new ideas for things to do with nut butters, so if you have any to share, please feel free!


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15 responses to “nutbut

  1. Meredith

    I LOVE THIS POST. And I love you. Oh wait, I think that was my comment on your last entry, too.
    Your nutbut inventory is remarkable. Sadly, I can’t find that Squirrel p-butt in Massachusetts! =(

    • ❤ =)
      I think the Wild Squirrel nut butters are mostly available via mail. I got them as a set of 4 in an online deal (which is most of the reason I have some hiding in my closet…). You could probably make the flavors yourself!

  2. Rosie

    Have I told you about pureeing butternut squash with carmelized shallots and a few tablespoons of either almond or cashew butter?

    Though my favorite thing to put nut butter on is a spoon…

  3. Emilyyy

    Ahaha you’ve told me about the puppy vs peanut butter before. I’m also a lover of nut butters and am super jealous of your collection. That espresso nut one I’ve seen before on your blog looked amaaaaaazing,

    • The espresso PB is one of the ones hiding in my closet!!
      Actually, I just checked- now they’ve changed it to vanilla espresso almond butter. I may have to open it tomorrow to investigate if it’s as good…
      Actually, I should probably wait until my current jar of almond butter is empty…

  4. Nancy

    Funny that the biggest thing I noticed is the severe lack of clothing in your closet… with a bunch of empty hangers. Time to do laundry? Lol. Maybe I was just thinking that because I have to do laundry and am dreading it.
    And on a side note, I love peanut butter too! I have been getting jams from Stonewall Kitchen (LOVE!) and mixing them with peanut butter. My favorite so far has been a chocolate raspberry jam with peanut butter! Yum! Great on toast or just mixed on a spoon!

    • Haha! I think it’s because most of the clothing in my closet is pants… So you can’t see them from the top of the hanger. Also, my closet at my house in Germantown is pretty packed… I think I just didn’t bring a lot of closety clothing with me to school.

      I will have to try mixing jam with nut butter! I’ve done banana mixed with tahini and maple syrup, and that’s pretty awesome..

  5. Hehe that is too cute! And you have a stash in your wardrobe too? I love that! 😛

  6. Mary

    Dang, I thought I was crazy about nut butters, but I had to think twice about that PB versus puppy thing. I saw that Wild Squirrel PB at the local grocer’s in Bishop, of all places!

    One of my go-to lunches/snacks is peanut butter in a whole-wheat tortilla with spinach and hot sauce. I’ve been known to throw some raisins, or a carrot stick, in there from time to time. And the sweet potato + pbutt combo will forever remind me of us doing work at the round tables in Montgomery Hall the year we lived at VegHaus and had to commute 🙂

    • Yesss like the sandwich that satisfies all cravings at once: pb, tahini, raisins, greens, and hot sauce. Grated carrot would be great on there.

      Sweet potato with either pb or tahini is one of my favorite things.

      I’m thinking of changing my blog to a “sounds weird tastes good” theme… 🙂

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