Ugh.. I wrote over half a post and then lost it.

So here’s a summary!

I started a summer class three weeks ago, which means I’m working less, which means I’m cooking more. Well, by cooking I usually mean chop/sautéing… But it’s more than I was doing before : )

I took a little study break to post a few food pictures. They’re taken with iProducts of course… I need to get back in the habit of taking “real” photographs… But I suppose it’s fitting: slapdash pictures of slapdash food!

Sautéed purple cabbage with carrots and tofu next to a salad with summer squash, apple, and homemade honey-mustard dressing.

Dressings are my variation these days… They’re so easy to make out of random ingredients.  It may sound unlikely, but adding some nut butter to a dressing makes it creamy and adds a smoothness to the flavor too. I started making dressings with tahini and lemon juice, but now I’ll put almond butter in a mustard vinaigrette and it’s great!


Sauteed greens, onions, and summer squash, topped with an over-easy egg!

The purple cabbage in the first picture and the egg seen above are both from the Farmers Market that comes to campus on Wednesdays. The eggs are SO delicious… possibly the best I’ve ever eaten. (Well, besides the duck egg I recently ate, which was laid by the ducks owned by the Brew Master at work…hopefully I’ll share more about those later.)

Okay, back to the books… I will leave you with the cake Rosie and I made yesterday. I saw it on Not Quite Nigella and sent the link straight to Rosie. She and I have had great success with liquor-infused cakes in the past (the highlight, in my opinion, being the Chocolate Whiskey Bundt Cake), and this recipe spoke to us.


And though pictures may speak louder than words, they don’t speak as loudly as tender almond cake soaked in a citrusy and oh-so-delicately-spicy syrup. So you may have to make yourself a cake : )



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6 responses to “Slapdash

  1. I’m so glad that you made that cake and enjoyed it. There’s nothing quite like a syrup cake is there? 😀

    • I’m glad we made it too!! Your recipe posts are always tempting, but this one was pretty much irresistible 🙂

    • Rosie

      I should point out, we substituted cachaca for the vodka, and it was pretty excellent. I also may have been a little more liberal with the booze than your recipe advised…

      • I meant to mention the substitution but I couldn’t remember what the liquor we used was called… Thanks for pointing it out! Brazilian, right?

  2. Mary

    I think our slapdash cookings have evolved convergently despite much time in separate geographic locations. Although we may have simply retained some ancestral characteristics from our formative food times together. And that cake looks so delicious, you two. I can’t wait until the three of us are in a kitchen together again.

    • I think I was really tired the first time I read this because I totally missed the evolution references 🙂
      You would love the cake- lots of orange and almond flavors!!

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