Sorry, I fell off the boat for a little while there!

I’ve been a little all over the place. Working full-time at the restaurant has led to me making better friends with a lot of my coworkers, and as a result I have become a little bit of a worker bee/social butterfly hybrid. Soon I’ll have to morph into more of a book worm, since I’ll be starting a master’s program in nutrition! I have to take one class this summer in preparation, and then my program will start in the Fall.

Considering these changes, its hard to predict the fate of this blog. For now I’m going to try something a little different to adapt to my current life set-up. I don’t do much cooking or baking anymore because I work almost every night and am doing errands/laundry/exercise during the day, so I’m going to try the “what I ate” approach for a while. Not in the here’s my breakfast here’s my lunch here’s my dinner aren’t they great style because that’s not the look I’m going for. I will probably post if I do something I consider different or interesting with a meal, in hopes that you will find it different or interesting as well.

Here’s an example:

Remember the whole Banana-Cardamom-Maple-Tahini thing? I modified the smoothie idea to become a spread for toast.


I mashed up half a ripe banana with some tahini, cardamom, and maple syrup.


Then I spread it on toast!


(Then I sprinkled it with coconut. I do that to all my breakfasts these days)

So fluffy and good. If you’re not a tahini fan you could definitely do it with any nut butter. You could do any spice and any sweetener or no sweetener! A classic might be banana-peanut butter-cinnamon-honey, or you could try banana-almond-nutmeg. Or whatever. Change it up!

The other half of this blog’s namesake has been changing a little, too. I’m not training for any sort of long-distance running event these days, so I thought I’d give my body a new sort of challenge and I joined the local gym. I’ve been trying to add some sort of strength training and I like to do hill interval workouts on the bike. Inside exercise seems kind of silly to me, but it actually makes me look forward to and appreciate my outdoor runs a little more. I’m still running about four days a week, but I’m trying to go to the gym at least two times a week as well.
On Sunday I hadn’t run for 3 days because I biked on Thursday, then worked busy volume shifts (meaning you work both dinner and lunch) Friday and Saturday, which would usually mean my legs would be fresh and ready to go, but they were tired! A benefit of working as a server is you get to be active as part of your work– those weekend volume shifts worked me hard!

So, speaking of all-of-the-above… I’m going to go run, maybe stop by the gym, then eat, then go to work. If any of it turns out interesting I’ll let you know : )


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3 responses to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Rosie

    You’re back! Yay! I had a very similar breakfast today, except with cashew butter and honey instead of tahini and maple.

  2. Mary

    Thanks for reminding me of this orgiastic combination. Definitely doing this tomorrow on a bagel for breakfast 🙂 Also, gyms are a little weird but can be pretty fun… I’d go to the one in Davis and pump iron sometimes (or use the elliptical or recumbent bike before my ankle was ready to run), and it’s a pretty fun sociological observation experience, too 🙂

    • Yess observing my fellow gym mates is so entertaining 🙂

      And this combo is always good, but nothing I’ve made has ever been quite as good as the smoothie from the black sheep (that’s what it was called, right?). I may have to do some trial and error sometime…

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