Happy Banana Bread Day!!

I got an email from Rosie yesterday informing me that February 23rd is Banana Bread Day. I don’t know who determines these “food holidays”, but I’m not going to argue with an excuse to make banana bread.

I made an Oatey Espresso Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.


The texture is moist and soft with an oatey chew, there is plenty of banana taste, and it’s not too sweet. I can’t really detect the espresso, but maybe that’s because the bread is still warm. The true test of banana bread is how it tastes the next day…when the aromatic baked-banana scent is gone and the warm crumb has cooled.

Once I have made the second day assessment, I will report back with an update, along with a recipe and better photos from my newly-repaired camera!!


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5 responses to “Happy Banana Bread Day!!

  1. I don’t know who makes these things up either. I ate a banana today…

  2. Rosie

    Saddly, I was entrenched in classes all day, and then all the bananas at the store were green. But I made walnut whole wheat herb cheese bread! Banana bread will be made when my bananas ripen…

  3. Hey Anna, I have five over-ripe bananas on my counter! Care to share the recipe?

  4. Looks amazingly delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

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