For Christmas, my parents asked if I might like a smart phone. I had been thinking about updating from my archaic flip phone, but also have been long contemplating the sad fate of my laptop, which sometimes is so slow it gives up on itself completely. These days almost anything is possible where technology is concerned. What do your get when you cross a smart phone and a computer? Why, a tablet! And so, without further ado, meet my Christmas/birthday present: an iPad.

This is a test post. The iPad has a camera, which is very convenient, but of course the pictures are not very high quality. It’s still a handy tool to tell a story, though.

Here is the short story of a smoothie (one of the many virtues of smoothies- shortness!). I have been on a green smoothie kick, especially since I was fighting a seasonal bug of some sort. Apparently the weather changes have been causing problems in respiratory systems other than my own… I have friends and coworkers who have reported congestion etc. over the past week. Well, to all those who ail, see below.

Into the blender: baby spinach, pear, banana, blueberries, and avocado.

Blended and topped with pomegranate seeds…

…and blueberries…

…and granola!

This was exactly what I needed. I credit it’s nutrition and the 10 minute nap I took that day for my speedy recovery.

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  1. Beautiful! Chrissie and I are going to try it.

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