Green Power

Today was a bits and pieces (or, as my English aunt says, “bits and bobs”) kind of day.

Energized by green:

That’s banana, pineapple, and spinach.  I added pear later.  I love the texture pear adds, and of course the flayva.

Half way through eating I realized how many circles were involved in my breakfast.  Let’s see, from left to right we’ve got plum jam, green smoothie, water, cream cheese, Greek yogurt, raisins, green tea, sunflower seed butter and cinnamon.  I add to my toast on an almost bite-by-bite basis so that I can maximize the variety of flavors 🙂

Powered by green, I:

  • Did laundry
  • Made some phone calls
  • Finished making yogurt
  • Cleaned the bathroom
  • Ironed
  • Planned my 20 mile run (!!)
  • Made cookies

It felt good to spend a big chunk of the day getting some home things in order.  Now I won’t be ironing my shirt 5 minutes before I leave for work!  Doing it ahead of time makes for much more leisurely ironing.

Posts about the yogurt and the cookies coming soon…



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4 responses to “Green Power

  1. love your blog Anna! Is that a “magic bullet” machine that I see in your smoothie photos?

  2. Mary

    Rosie and I are eating smoothies and toast for breakfast and talking about how you do your toast toppings bit by bit to not miss a single opportunity for flavor delight.

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