Half-way through my toast this morning I decided I wanted to be eating cereal.

Quick fix!

I just chopped up my toast and poured milk on it.  Even better than cereal from a box.

And I had two “flavors” from the two halves of my reincarnated toast: sunflower seed butter with raisins, and peanut butter with banana.

Decision making is easier when you can have two things as one.  And I need all the help making decisions I can get…

Last weekend I was tasked with making the cake for my uncle’s birthday.  It was an open-ended assignment, since he indicated no preference for flavor.  Luckily Katie was here and had concrete ideas about what cake I should make.  We get the little mini Everyday Food magazine that comes alongside the Martha Stewart Living magazine.  They did a maple/brown sugar feature that included a Maple-Walnut Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting.  It stole Katie’s heart, and I didn’t take much convincing 🙂

The magazine doesn’t have the recipe online (yet?) but someone else did the work of transcribing it, so here it is.  It was pretty simple cake-making.  It just involves…

Creaming Butter, Sugar and Maple Syrup…

Adding Flour, Baking Powder and Salt…

(There’s An Egg in There Somewhere…)

Folding in Walnuts…


Frosting (hand modeling by Decider and Assistant Spreader Katie)…

And Decorating!


It was super-decadent, autumnal, and salty-sweet (I accidentally used salted butter in the cake, but I think it worked).  The walnuts added texture and toasty flavor, and the cake itself has a mapley-caramel taste.  I think it has gotten better with age, too.  I’d call it a success.


After a busy week of work and visitors, I have a completely free day.  I’m going to clean my room, study for the GRE, go for a run, and I’m thinking of baking something, I just have to decide what…



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2 responses to “Decisions

  1. Bill

    This cake was excellent!
    the uncle in question

  2. Rosie

    I love your decision-making and changing process. It always comes up with such wonderful things!

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