Two Smooth

Hallo!  It’s been a while… I’ve been happily occupied with work, running, (yumming), and visitors!

I worked both jobs today and want to go to bed, but I thought I would check in quickly first.  Last week when Mary was here, we knew we wanted smoothies but couldn’t decide on what kind.  It was between something green and banana-tahini-cardamom-maple.

We made both, of course!

I only got pictures of the finished product just before consumption.  Kale/avocado/yogurt/mango in the bowl, banana/tahini/cardamom/maple/(avocado) in the glasses.  Toast on the side for something to crunch!  Avocado makes smoothies extra-smooth and almost mousse-like.

The late-morning fall light made everything look so sparkly!  I played with some simple editing on the three pictures I took.

Brightness increased in this one (I think in increased the contrast, too).

This one’s got cooler colors, and the brightness is also high.  I like the shiny lemon seed!

A smooth breakfast, up-close and personal!

(Okay, I realize it looks like we were eating slime… think of it as seasonal for Halloween if it bothers you :))


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6 responses to “Two Smooth

  1. Haha seasonal slime! It looks pretty filling for being mostly liquids. I wish you could mail me some! Glad you’ve been busy running and yumming! ❤

  2. Rosie

    Is there such a thing as too smooth?

    • Definitely not…And that’s why it’s even better when there are two smooth(ies)!! 🙂 btws I’m so happy that I’ve finally tried the avocado addition. I don’t know why I didn’t when I first started making smoothies, but I’m never looking back!

  3. Rosie

    Tyler and I made a fig, banana, ginger, avocado, straberry orange smoothie this morning! So good! Accompanied by pumpkin cardimum apricot muffins with pumpkin seeds.

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