Marriage and Porridge

Weddings are such a great time.  I’m running out of engaged friends… who’s next??? 🙂  It was a beautiful evening and everything was swell: happy couple, happy friends and family, fabulous celebration.  One of my favorite parts of weddings is witnessing how much my friends’ chosen partners love and appreciate them.  I know they deserve it, and I’m just so pleased to see that other people recognize it too.

I thought that I’d be super sore yesterday, given the combination of my long run and running around/dancing in heels for hours, but I’m actually experiencing close to zero aftereffect.  Last weekend it took a few days for my calves to feel normal, so I’m pleasantly surprised by the lack of tightness in my muscles.  I suppose it’s because my body is adapting.  Good job, body.  When I got back from my run I was rushing around to get ready for the wedding, but I did make time for this  recovery smoothie, based on the Banana Tahini Cardamom Maple smoothie I had in California.  It’s a variation using honey instead of maple syrup.  It was so good.

Here’s what I blended:

  • Half a banana
  • ~1/2 cup unsweetened soy milk (but any milk will work)
  • ~1/2 tsp ground cardamom
  • ~1 tsp honey
  • ~2 tsp tahini (If you don’t have/like/are allergic to tahini, I’m sure peanut butter would be delish.  I’d probably then use cinnamon or nutmeg as the spice.  Though cardamom could still work, I’m sure!)
  • ~2 tbsp oats (They add texture and a subtle, earthier sweetness.)
  • ~1 cup ice

Sorry for all the ~, I wasn’t measuring.

Last night I had work, but today I am completely free!  I’m going to use the day to get some odds and ends done, go for a run, and then cheat on Growlers with Dogfish Head for dinner with my family (we have a coupon!).  I started the day with some pumpkin oats.  Pumpkin has been playing a big part over at KathEats (one of my role model blogs), given that she had 4 pounds of it to finish, and she has been tempting me to open a can of my own.  So here is this morning’s result:

I cooked up some oats, then stirred in pumpkin puree (equal to the volume of dry oats I started with), a little maple syrup, and some cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.  It’s topped with raisins, sunflower seed butter, and some of a pear ginger muffin my mom made yesterday.  If I’d had cranberries, I would have done those, and while I was finishing I decided the perfect topping would be some toasted pecans.  Next time.

Pumpkin!  Autumn!  October!  October is my favorite month.  I’m excited for the more seasonal weather we are supposed to get at the end of this week… bring on the cool and crisp 60’s!


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3 responses to “Marriage and Porridge

  1. Nancy

    Pumpkin with oats!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!! That is next on my list of things to try 🙂 For breakfast every morning I have been having oats with peanut butter and cut up banana (just typical oatmeal I suppose, lol). That is about as brave as I have gotten. But I am working on it! Pumpkin sounds like the next step.

    I have been running about 4-6 miles slllooowwwwlllyyyy every day. Mostly with my 6′ tall male running partner jumping around beside me and nagging me because I am slow… stupid boys 🙂 I can’t even imagine 15 miles. Where do you find the time and energy???

    And… by the way… if you are running out of engaged friends, then when do you think it is going to be your turn??? 🙂

    • Did you try the pumpkin?? Oats with peanut butter and banana is a wonderful thing- I never get tired of it!

      Yayyy!! 4-6 miles a day is awesome! I’m jealous you have someone to run with- jumping and nagging sounds like a small price to pay. And I bet you’d have time/energy for 15 if you weren’t some fancy horse rider 🙂

      As far as the last questions goes…. hahahahhahaaa…. time will tell, but it seems time will take its time in telling. Haha 🙂

  2. Rosie

    Fall is here! yay for pumpkins!

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