Life Soup

Another busy week.  I realized that I work almost full time; it’s just random, patchwork-style  full time.  It certainly keeps things interesting.  The patchwork schedule allows for a random sprinkling of fun activities, and also makes my running schedule pretty random.  I kind of like it like that, though.  At least, so far.

Saturday was one (I have four) of my Katie friend’s bachelorette party.  She’s getting married in three weeks!  We went and saw Chicago at Toby’s Dinner Theatre.  I was very impressed with the performance.  We finished the night by watching “The Proposal”– very wedding-appropriate.

Sunday was long run day!  My last run before that was a 7-miler on Thursday.  My legs were not quite sprightly for that run, though it wasn’t terrible.  But Sunday was great!  I think the two days off in between allowed for plenty of muscle regeneration.  Plus I went to yoga on Friday evening and worked out a bunch of tightness.

After my run I ate leftovers of this soup, which my mom made Friday night.  She said it was a lot of steps for soup, but as far as I’m concerned, it was worth it.  I love soup, and am delighted that soup season seems to be here a little early this year!

This photo is not just food, it’s ahhhhht:

That cheese on top is this:

Whole Foods sucked us in with its samples of irresistible cheese.  This one is definitely a winner: nutty, a little sharp, and with spicy black pepper edges.  I had it both on my soup and broiled on toast with Trader Joe’s Red Pepper and Eggplant Spread (another worth-it buy, if you’ve got a TJ’s nearby).

Then I went to visit Rachel in D.C!  So happy I did that.  We went to a drum circle with acroyoga and juggling and other hipster/hippie entertainment, then got self-serve froyo (one of the purest pleasures in life), then topped that off with some sauteed veggies.  (Note: we did not literally top the froyo with veggies.  The “topping” I speak of is proverbial.)

Monday I worked the dinner shift at the restaurant, then Tuesday was 8:30-2:30 at the bakery and 4-10 at the restaurant, and today I was up again for the 8:30-2:30 shift at the bakery.  Luckily now I’m freeee until Friday’s dinner shift.  Maybe that means you’ll see something interesting around here…



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2 responses to “Life Soup

  1. Oh my! These look absolutely delicious…must try them sometime. Been meaning to check-in and see how you are? How is training going? Update us! I’m just about to start a 18week training for a marathon..yikes!!

    Work is good. I’m working for a nonprofit that gives out microloans to entrepreneurs that don’t have access to credit. It is very rewarding and I’m learning a lot. I’m working for the VP of Advancement…who is a top nonprofit fundraiser in the country! Enjoying it. Say “hi” to your parents for us ❤

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