When Life Gives You Cheese

Make Pizza!

(A a good decision, given that the other option would be Cheese-Ade)


We have so much cheese!  Cheddar, goat, cambozola, mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, gouda, parmesan, cottage, cream, and more!  I had the day off yesterday, so I was able to put some of that cheese to work.

Here’s the dough, in need of kneading…

The recipe is from my beautiful “Anna’s Favorite Recipes” binder that my wonderful friends gave me for my birthday this year. They contributed recipes to it, and I have added recipes from magazines and my experiences.  It’s the best.

I feel Katie may have had something to do with the fact that it matches our kitchen (even if only subconsciously)...


You are now entering the pizza section.

This recipes is from Mer.  It’s the best crust recipe I have yet to encounter.  And, of course, it is impeccably presented.  If you are interested in the recipe but can’t read it from the picture, leave a comment and I’d be happy to type it out for you!

Pizza #1 is pan-browned zucchini and sauteed red peppers with fresh and not-fresh (what do you call it? Is it aged?) mozzarella.

Toppings, ready for topping.



Pizza #2 is cambozola (if you like blue cheese but have never tried this one, go buy some- you will absolutely not regret it), caramelized onions, walnuts, and mozzarella.

Before (Pizza #2 doesn't photograph as well)...

Pale in color, but not in flavor!


They were both so good in their individual ways.  On pizza #1, the sauce was garlicky from a huge clove of home-grown garlic, and I simmered the sauce for a long time, so it had that concentrated tomatoey sweetness.  Cooking the vegetables beforehand gave them a more intense flavor; in my opinion they suit a pizza better that way than when they only cook for the 8 or so minutes the pizza is in the oven.  Pizza #2 had that super-savory, uninterrupted cheesiness of a white pizza, especially since the cheese was a blue, and with the addition of the onions and toasty walnuts.  Mmm now I wish there was more of it.

Our cheese drawer is not empty, to say the least, but the assortment is now more manageable.  If anyone has any brilliant ideas for using cheese, don’t hold back!



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9 responses to “When Life Gives You Cheese

  1. Emilyyyy

    I never saw what the binder looked like! It’s so pretty! The pizzas look amazing! I wish I could be up there to cook and taste everything with you!! I love seeing the pictures you take in the kitchen and knowing where you are.

  2. Hey, do you wanna fly to Santa Fe and make us some pizza!?!?!?

  3. What a lovely idea that recipe folder is! 🙂

  4. tyler sinclair

    the cheese-ade made me laugh and then think deeply. and then laugh again.


  5. Yay! You have most certainly done that recipe justice! Wish I could’ve been there to share. ❤

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